Frome Medical Practice : Please don't call about vaccinations for the over 50s

  Posted: 20.11.20 at 17:06 by The Editor

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Frome Medical Practice has put out a notice to say that they are getting a high volume calls about vaccinations for the over 50s - but they do not have delivery dates yet.

The government has today announced that a vaccination programme for people aged 50 to 64 will get rolled out from December 1. They have announced that they have secured enough doses to vaccinate all those in that age bracket.

However the Practice has put out a warning saying that it does not yet know when those will be delivered.

"We are receiving an extremely high volume of calls from people over 50 enquiring about the flu vaccine, as a result of various news reports today (Friday 20th November 2020.)

"We understand that people are keen to receive the vaccine as soon as possible, however we have not yet had delivery dates confirmed for the additional vaccines needed for people aged between 50 - 65 years olds who are not suffering with a long term condition. "

The Practice has said that they will contact you and invite you to book an appointment when these vaccines are available.

You can read more about our flu vaccination programme by clicking HERE : the FMP site

On the government site they have announced:

"Individuals aged 50 to 64 will be able to get a vaccine from their GP or pharmacy. This significant new group can now be included in the flu programme, with the initial phase of flu vaccinations well under way.

Flu vaccine uptake is higher in all vulnerable groups except pregnant women compared with this time last year. Provisional data published by Public Health England on Thursday 20 November suggests 72.9% of those aged 65 and over, 45.0% of 2 year olds and 46.8% of 3 year olds have had their vaccine.

GPs, trusts and pharmacists can order additional stock to vaccinate this new group from the centrally secured government supply of over 7 million vaccines.

This has been secured amid high global demand for more flu vaccine and now means vaccines can be provided to this group over December and into the New Year. There is enough flu vaccine supply to vaccinate 30 million people throughout this year’s flu season in England."

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