Environment Agency establishes cause of pollution that has turned a River Frome tributary blue

  Posted: 12.08.19 at 15:39 by Tim Lethaby

The Environment Agency has established how a tributary of the River Frome has turned bright blue near to the town.

The agency is continuing to investigate why the tributary turned bright blue, but spokesman Paul Gainey said they have now established the cause of the pollution and who was responsible.

He said: "We cannot comment or share any specifics as further action may be required, and will not respond to speculation on where the pollution came from.

"We will work with all parties to prevent re-occurrence. There are no reports of dead or distressed wildlife or fish.

"We will continue to monitor the tributary and the River Frome today (August 12) and work with the responsible parties to remove the pollutant and continue to work on the ground to ensure it does not spread further."

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