30 businesses sign up for Refill in Frome

  Posted: 09.10.19 at 12:16 by George Tomlinson

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The number of businesses and community spaces signed up to the national Refill scheme in and around Frome has now reached 30.

Launched by the Bristol-based charity City to Sea in 2017, Refill encourages people to ditch the plastic and refill their reusable water bottles.

It’s thought that if just one in ten Brits refilled once a week, we’d have 340 million less plastic bottles a year in circulation.

Frome businesses have been quick to get on board and there are currently more than 30 listed on Refill.

It is quick and easy to find out where your nearest refill point is when you’re out and about through the free-to-download Refill app.

Cllr Sheila Gore said: “Reducing plastic is at the front of many people’s minds and at the shortlisting event for the up-coming People’s Budget vote there was a lot of public support for the idea of water fountains for the town.

"It was pointed out that we already have something similar in place, where local residents and visitors can access free drinking water across the town via the Refill scheme.”

As well as offering free water refills, many businesses are working hard to reduce other items of single-use plastic to help Frome become a plastic-free town.

Some businesses offering to refill your water bottle are also members of You’re Welcome. The scheme allows members of the public to use their toilet facilities for free, during normal opening hours, just look out for the You’re Welcome sticker in their window.

To find out more about Frome Town Council’s You’re Welcome scheme, click on the red button below.

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