Another big fly tip in Frome : The second in just three days to totally obstruct one of the town roads

  Posted: 17.10.20 at 15:20 by The Editor

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There has been another fly tipping incident this week in Frome, with rubbish again closing off a road.

This is on the lane just past the cottages on Little Keyford Lane today (October 17).

It was discovered by a runner, part way down the hill and the rubbish, which looks like it has also been set alight, is totally obstructing the road.

Earlier this week there was shock at the debris left on Gypsy Lane - again closing off the road to cars, cyclists and runners.

That debris - spotted on October 14 - included car parts and a car seat, also includes garden waste.

This latest tip has been reported again to Mendip on their fly tipping line which is 0300 303 8588.

This was the area around Berkeley marsh on October 14

Fly tippers can face a fine of up to £50,000 or 12 months imprisonment if convicted in a Magistrates' Court.

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