Help yourselves - the Frome Community Table - a brilliant idea started initially under lockdown

  Posted: 30.06.20 at 11:11 by The Editor

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Today (June 30 ) the newly-established Community Table was packed with free food with organisers urging people to come and help themselves.

The Community Table on Feltham Lane, was first started during lockdown by staff at Christ Church First School, with the aim of helping families through a tough period and prior to the free school lunch vouchers scheme that came into play.

The table was so successful that the school continued running it once the vouchers scheme was in place.

A Trustee for FOMMK said: " We can't praise all the staff at the school enough, particularly Chloe May and headteacher Rupert Kaye. Once the school received word that they would be getting pupils back in school they contacted Friends of The Mount, Marston & Keyford to see if we would be interested in continuing the Community Table and we were happy to help. "

The Friends of The Mount, Marston & Keyford Community Association (FOMMK) is the group that oversees the award-winning community garden as well as providing play sessions and holiday activities for residents of South East Frome.

They hope to make the table a permanent fixture - morphed into a community fridge on The Mount - working with Anna Francis at Frome Town Council and The Hubub Community Fridge Network.

The table gets donations from local supermarkets and, with the additional dedicated help of the Town's Deputy Mayor, Andy Wrintmore, donations from both Freshfields and Westway Co-operatives.

The Community Table is active from Monday to Friday and can be found at the community garden on Feltham Lane, inside a larder which has already been built ready to incorporate a community fridge.

If you can help the FOMMK - and they are particularly looking for kitchen units at the moment - you can contact them via their social page here:
the Facebook page

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