The Westway Cinema, the sequel : Please come back says the Frome venue

  Posted: 29.07.20 at 16:31 by The Editor

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Westway Cinema in Frome has re-opened and is urging cinema goers to come back.
The independent cinema has kept prices the same - so it is just £4 a ticket for an adult seat even if social distancing, helped by an automatic blocking out of all seats nearby means they can't sell as many tickets.

" Come back and buy some popcorn, " urges the manager Clare Tierney who has been working at the super little cinema at the edge of the town centre for around two years. " It is getting a lot better, but it is still a bit slow so we do need more people to come along and support us."

The cinema is not being helped by the delay of the new Hollywood releases - in part because cinemas in the US in many cases re-opened and then closed again pretty sharpish.

But they do have two releases coming up this week including Unhinged (15) starring Russell Crowe.

" We have social distancing throughout, we clean after everybody has been in there every show, we clean all the surfaces regularly and when you book we have a booking system which means tickets are automatically allocated with seats left empty around you so there is no crowding. " See the video above.

"We have markings down the stairs and throughout. Only one person in the toilets at a time. We clean all the hand rests after each showing so that is all sanitised.

" The best thing people can do is come and see a film and buy some popcorn, " she laughs.

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