Safe AND spectacular : Frome Theatre Opening for Children's Half Term Workshops

  Posted: 18.10.20 at 06:00 by LostWithoutTrace Creative PR/Press for the South West

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Having successfully run 11 socially-distanced indoor performances, the Merlin Theatre is taking steps to be the first to host Covid-aware half-term drama and dance workshops indoors.

Commencing with a theatre games- based ‘Play In A Day’ and followed by a Halloween themed ‘Thriller’ dance workshop, the days will be headed up the theatre’s Director, Claudia Pepler-White, who explains “We have been running our sterilizing, spaced seating and distanced working practices inside the auditorium, on stage and in the theatre office for some weeks so we are very confident we can conduct safe days without compromising on fun and creativity. Following their return to school, the children themselves are very aware and practiced at following Covid safety rules too.”

The workshop days have been designed by the Tri. Art Theatre and Dance Academy and alongside Claudia, who has been directing shows and musical theatre pieces for over 25 years, will be professional actor and dancer Dillon Berry. Recently graduating from Swindon Dance, Dillon was selected by New Adventures to dance in Matthew Bourne’s ‘young company’ as part of a professional production of Romeo and Juliet earlier this year.

Dillon is aware of how it is to be on both the teacher’s and the child’s side. “I used to love being part of days like this when I was young. I would daydream that I could spend all day, every day on stage so when I teach I do try to remember that every child, however new to this, is probably a huge star inside their own head.”

Dillon currently trains with the Tri.Art Academy and will be using his dance and choreography skills to perfect the Thriller routine with young participants as well as bringing his acting skills to bear. Recently taking the lead in ‘Alright’, this versatile performer has also enjoying working with Blackhound Productions, a Somerset based professional theatre company increasingly recognised for their new-writing and commitment to the casting of South West located actors.

To take your place on the stage this half term on either 27th or 28th October and for more details, carers/parents of interested 7-12 year olds should email directly to [email protected]

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